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Last updated: 4/30/2023

EVMavericks Weekly #16: April 24-30, 2023

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🦁Everything you need to know about the last week in EVMavericks in less than 69.6 seconds 👇

  1. Withdrowls Public Goods Funding Update!🦉! Looking to build in web3? Apply and have a chance to get as much as $10k! For more info, join #buidlathon in EVMavericks discord which is open to anyone! 

  2. Ethfinance Weekly Doots #17! With a guest Evin McMullen with Disco!

  3. Our fellow lion creators have been killing it! You can find previews of their future work in #creators as well as some other exciting personal art related news! 

  4. Some degens claim small free airdrops and talk about much more degenerate and not-so-degenerate stuff!

  5. Other than that, the recent weeks have been a bit more relaxing volume-wise in the discord, but EVMavericks’ upcoming top secret project has been progressing quite well!